Hydraulic Training Master -PRO

$4,099.00 - ON SALE!

What makes the HTM so unique ?

  • With 50 resistance settings the HTM can be set to meet anyone’s workout needs.
  • Easy to adjust with our slip drive adjustment

shoulder drive adjust

  • The HTM only requires the floor space of just two chairs.
  • Its design uses hydraulics. This means that the HTM delivers ultra smooth mechanical movements with no spring back and an ultra quiet performance that enhances the workout experience and minimizes disturbance to others.
  •  The HTM can provide over 14 different exercises. Its dual action means that opposing muscle groups are flexed during forward and reverse strokes.   Get the aerobic and leg exercise, but also get the upper body strengthening you want.   All in just 30 minutes.


  • A simple add-on extension allows for squats  and lunges that add to back and leg strengthening.

edgelunges edgesquat

  • The HTM has been designed and built to minimize maintenance.
  • We provide a complete training package to ensure proper use and maintenance.