Troy Women's Cross Training Bar



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6 1/2’ Women’s Olympic Training Bar

Item SKU: GOB-800

Product Dimensions:  Bar Length: 6ft 6in
Knurling - light
                               Sleeve Attached - Double Snap Ring
                               Center Knurling - No
                               Shaft Diameter - 25 mm
                               Shaft Finish – Oxidized
                               Sleeve Finish- Hard chrome
                               Bushings- bronze
                               Inside collar to collar length: 51 1/2"

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Product Description: Our sleek new, 6 1/2ft, 15kg women’s training bar has a 25mm bar shaft that is easier to grip and control that is specifically designed for functional training. Despite it’s smaller diameter, it has an extremely strong yield strength that provides plenty of desired “whip.” The shaft has an attractive patina (copper) color which contrasts well with hard chrome sleeves to give it a distinctive look, while being fastened securely with dual snap rings for consistent, reliable performance.