VTX Men's Training Bar


VTX Men's Training Bar

Item SKU: GOB-1800

Product Dimensions:

                             Bar Length: 7ft 1 in
                             Knurling - medium
                             Sleeve Attached - Double Snap Ring
                             Center Knurling - No
                             Shaft Diameter - 28.5 mm
                             Shaft Finish - Oxidized
                             Sleeve Finish - Hard Chrome
                             Markings: Dual markings (Olympic and power lifting)
                             Bushings - self lubricating double bushings
                             Inside collar to collar length: 51.75 in

Product Description: Our new VTX men’s training barbell is the strongest, most versatile bar we have ever manufactured. The bar has tested out at over 270,000 P.S.I. Its 28.5mm shaft features a precision patterned knurl with dual marks for both Olympic and powerlifting. Bronze, self lubricating bushings give it great spin while double snap rings safely secure each end to the bar. Extra long sleeves (over 16”) permit maximum loading capacity for the heaviest lifts.